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At Kalidades, we take pride in our commitment to providing the most personable service while maintaining the highest quality in floral arrangements. We, like many of you, had humble beginnings, a few setbacks, and times when we thought we couldn’t grant our clients’ wishes. We faced challenges that made us question whether we had made the right decision in taking over the company.

Rather than losing sight, we have focused on developing our capacity, holding our heads high by ensuring that the only way we can become better versions of ourselves each day is to keep moving forward.

We sought out the best floral arrangement artists who are enthusiastic about their craft. In exchange, we offer them trainings, workshops, and a better understanding of the significance of their work. That their artwork is a reason for people to connect, re-connect, and even send assurances about how one is valued by another, as well as to share positive feelings at all times.

As a growing team, we constantly remind each other that our core values and purpose will always find their way back to ensuring that we ignite what could be a budding relationship, bring families back together, and send support and well wishes. Receiving accolades truly warms our hearts, providing us with even more motivation to keep coming up with new ideas and developing new arrangements.

Why Kalidades ?

Our greatest accomplishment is that we have become a household name. In any case, Kalidades has been there for you during your most difficult times, such as when you have lost a loved one. Kalidades has also been with you at your happiest times. Remember when you got your first set of bouquests? The Bouquet of Lovespell. We were also present when you exchanged vows and welcomed your first bord. They may not have been present on the day you marched across that stage, but your Mom and Dad made certain you had that lei, proud of your independence and accomplishments.

Keeping our doors open at Kalidades truly means finding better ways for you to write your stories. This is our story; tell us yours and we’ll write it with a floral arrangement.

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Phone: (032) 253 9870
Address: General Maximo Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

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